“Gratitude to my teachers David Williams, Danny Paradise, and Sri K Pattabhi Jois”

-Baptiste Marceau




Baptiste’s introduction to yoga came naturally. Thirty-one years ago while travelling as a renounced sadhu he found himself at a Himalayan temple in India.There he encountered an elder sadhu who had white hair and a youthful appearance. Pleased with Baptistes admiration for the impressive sequences he had executed the elder offered Baptiste to try yoga. Coming from a background in refined kinetic body movement arts Baptiste was able to be positioned by the sadhu with his feet behind his head causing a deep trance state heightening his awareness making him conscious of the energy flowing through his nadis. After 7 Years wandering Asia he found himself relocated in Sanfrancisco working as a merchant with an intuition to head somewhere tropical, he decided to journey to the islands of Hawaii.

On the island of Maui while travelling by foot and picking ripe mangos Baptiste first met Danny Paradise. Danny gave him a lift into town and introduced him to David Williams. Baptiste lay in Savasana for two hours after his first class with David and came to realize why he had come to Hawaii, he stayed and practiced with David Williams for 3 years. Afterward he began to travel the world and teach along side Danny Paradise as well as independently.

After 8 years of dedication to the practice and sharing of yoga he traveled to the Amazon and studied indigenous cultural perspectives surrounding spirituality.

This led to an interview featured in the documentary Part & Parcel (http://www.partandparcelfilm.com).

The film is a collection of perspectives on yoga from unorthodox practitioners who have devoted their lives to the study and practice of yoga. The subject of the interview with Baptiste is “The Shamanic Yogi”, the tantric method of self discovery.

Baptiste is currently spreading yogic teachings through Mexico and teaching internationally upon request with the intention to create congruency between yogic virtue and yogic practice. Baptiste has a dream of humanity uniting with each other and the earth as one through preserving dynamic culture and wisdom.